Skylight Support Frames

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Skylight Support Frames

Skylights are well-loved by architects and commercial building tenants alike. After all, they provide natural light and increase the beauty of a building. But enjoyable as they are visually, they require extra work from the project manager, fabricator and erector. This is where QuickFrames can help.

A structural frame is required whenever there is a roof opening in a commercial building of more than 12 inches. This helps support the opening. Skylights exceed this cut size, and therefore require a roof opening frame for each one.

When you use QuickFrames for your skylight support frames, you get a host of benefits, including:

● Quick and painless bolt-on installation, with no welding required (all you need is a ¾” impact driver).
● The ability to install the frames from under the deck.
● Ironclad engineering: Our frames are pre-engineered for a variety of applications. Additionally, we offer site-specific engineering when needed at no extra cost.
● In-field adjustability in both axes to accommodate variations in as-built conditions.
● Ready when you are, with most sizes of QuickFrames available for next-day shipment.

Skylight Support Frame