Pre-Assembly Delivery Option

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Here’s the #1 trick to achieving faster installations of QuickFrames

QuickFrames have always been fast to install, but could we make installation even easier and faster? Turns out we could, and we are now proud to offer our pre-assembly delivery option. For only $10 additional per frame we will pre-assemble the main rails before shipment, including attaching the hangers. If the frames use joist hangers, we’ll also install the tap bolts into the joist hangers.

No Pre-Assembly Pre-Assembled
no-pre-assembly pre-assembled

What this means to your installer is QuickFrames become “grab-n-go,” which makes for happier erectors. Or, as one of our customers who piloted this delivery options told us: “These are badass!” His install time had dropped below 10 minutes per frame!

So remember on your next order to include the pre-assembly delivery option and see increased productivity (and happier erectors) for yourself.