Powered Exhaust Vent Support Frames

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Powered Exhaust Vent Support Frames

Rooftop exhaust vents are common with production and manufacturing businesses, and other businesses with dangerous fumes. These ventilation solutions help remove polluted air from commercial buildings and reduce health risks by keeping air quality high. There are a variety of types of exhaust vents that can be used, but most get mounted on the roof. Here’s where QuickFrames can help.

A structural frame is required whenever there is a roof opening in a commercial building of more than 12 inches. This helps support the opening. Powered exhaust vents openings exceed this cut size, and therefore require a roof opening frame for each one.

When you use QuickFrames as the support frames for your power exhaust vents, you get a host of benefits, including:
● Quick and painless bolt-on installation, with no welding required (all you need is a ¾” impact driver).
● The ability to install the frames from under the deck.
● Ironclad engineering: Our frames are pre-engineered for a variety of applications. Additionally, we offer site-specific engineering when needed at no extra cost.
● In-field adjustability in both axes to accommodate variations in as-built conditions.
● Ready when you are, with most sizes of QuickFrames available for next-day shipment.

Powered Exhaust Vent Support Frame