Accredited Lunch and Learn

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Gain industry knowledge with our NCSEA accredited lunch and learn

Yes, there is such a thing as a free lunch! Ask about our accredited lunch & learn program, which is certified by the NCSEA Diamond Review program for one hour of continuing education credits for structural engineers. Conducted on-site or by video conference, you will learn:

* Why traditional roof frames are a pain in the … for erectors, fabricators, GCs, and customers!
* How QuickFrames are the 21st century alternative to angle iron frames
* Project applications for QuickFrames
* Engineering considerations (gauges, rail lengths, and more)
* Cost comparisons (traditional vs. QuickFrames)
* Benefits of using QuickFrames
* A case study and testimonials

To register for a lunch & learn, please complete the form below. Or to learn more about this program contact Rebecca Hasulak (