Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently asked questions and answers about QuickFrames engineered structural support systems

Here are some of the frequently asked questions from customers. If you don’t find an answer to your question, please contact us at, call (480) 646-1575, or use the CHAT feature to get a representative (the chat bubble in the bottom right corner.

Will I really save time and money using QuickFrames?
Yes and yes. QuickFrames are typically priced about 10% below traditional roof frame fabrication costs and save even more time and money when frames need to be moved or requirements change because they are bolted in below the deck. And, if the roof deck is already installed, the savings get even greater.
Are they custom made or do you have them in stock?
We have engineered frames in stock. Because they're adjustable, many in stock frames work for most jobs. If you need custom frames, we can do that too.
How much do QuickFrames cost?
Most of our frames cost between $200 - $375 per frame.
How long do they take to install?
First time installation usually takes 20-30 minutes, and once you've done a few, you can usually install in about 15 minutes.
Do you have a submittal package you can send me?
Yes. Drop us an email, call us at (480) 646-1575, or use the CHAT feature anywhere on our site.
What is the turn around time for manufacturing?
Most jobs are between 1 to 3 days from manufacturing to shipping. Delivery times and fees vary based on your location.
How long does shipping take?
Shipments typically are onsite within 1 to 5 days, base on your location.
How do I know which frame to order?
Don't worry about getting the right frame if you're unsure, that's what our team of experts are here for. Just email us, call (480) 646-1575 or use the CHAT feature on our site to get help.
What information does QuickFrames need to give me a quote?
Send us the plans if you have them. If not, give us a call we can walk you through it. You can email or call us at (480) 646-1575.
Have QuickFrames been approved by structural engineers?
Yes, in fact QuickFrames were designed with the help of structural engineers Caruso Turley & Scott, Consulting Structural Engineers, and are already approved by some of the most reputable structural engineering firms.
What if I need to have QuickFrames approved by my engineering firm?
We'll send you the QuickFrames submittals to send to your engineers. It's really that easy. If your project has unique engineering requirements, we can also customize QuickFrames to meet your specific engineering requirements.
How do you handle seismic and wind conditions?
If your project has specific engineering requirements, we can assist you with those as well. Our structural engineers are registered in all 50 states and can provide site specific engineering to handle just about any project you may have including L.A. County seismic and Dade County Hurricane requirements. QuickFrames have been installed in many atypical environments, including high seismic, hurricane, and heavy snow load locations.
What information do we need to quote QuickFrames for my project? How do I order?
For small frame quantities the only information we need is the joist/beam spans (in inches), the opening dimension running parallel to the joist (again, in inches), and the type and weight of the roof top equipment to be supported. If you have a large project, send us the complete set of plans and we can do the take-offs for you. For more information, click here.
What is the lead time to receive QuickFrames?
We carry many sizes and configurations of QuickFrames in stock, so if you need 25 frames or less we can usually ship your order next day. For larger jobs we'll be happy to quote you a manufacturing and shipment schedule (often less than a week or so).
Where do you ship?
QuickFrames currently ship anywhere in North America and can even be shipped FedEx (for small quantities) in emergencies. Typically QuickFrames ship palletized, with up to 55 QuickFrames per pallet (saving shipping costs based on their compact shipping configuration).
Do I have to pre-assemble QuickFrames before installing them?
Partially. The main rail hangers need to be pre-assembled onto the main rails before installation. However we also offer a pre-assembly delivery option that eliminates pre-assembly. Click here for details.
Will an erector actually use QuickFrames?
Yes. Our experience with erectors is they actually prefer to install our frames over traditional roof frames once they have had a chance to install a few QuickFrames.
How do I know which frame to order?
Based on your project requirements, we will select the best price/performance QuickFrames for each of your roof openings (and always being mindful of your budget).