About Us

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At-a-glance overview of our company, and the hardworking folks who have built it from the ground up.

A privately held company located in Mesa, Arizona, QuickFrames USA, LLC provides solutions to typical commercial construction problems. We have decades of experience in the metal working and building construction industries, as well as consulting services and manufacturing. We manufacture QuickFrames exclusively at our Mesa facility to ensure quality control and timely response to our customers’ needs.

Chase Sebastian

Contacting Us

When you contact us with a QuickFrames question or comment, you may well speak with Chase Sebastian, our Director of Influence (pictured here so you can put a face to the name.) Chase has been with QuickFrames from its founding, is very knowledgeable about the construction industry, oversees and presents our educational and training programs, and performs many of the take-offs and quotations for QuickFrames implementations. Chase is the person at QuickFrames you can turn to any time you have a question, special request, or feedback to provide about our products and customer service.
Phone: +1 (480) 656-1575 or email chases@quickframes.us.