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QuickFrames Makes Inc. 5000 List

What are QuickFrames?

QuickFrames is a family of pre-engineered structural steel framing components used to support rooftop equipment, roof penetrations, floor penetrations, and other framing needs in commercial construction.

Our flagship adjustable framing system consists of telescoping rails that easily bolt-on (no-welding) to roof members from under existing roof decking. It is ideal for remodeling/TI projects as well as new construction.

Also available is a line of heady-duty cut-to-length (DIY) frames that bolts-on and is adjustable for smaller projects or emergency framing needs, as well as a line of fully-assembled weldable “drop-in” frames (installed before the roof deck).

Need frames fast? QuickFrames can often ship the same day as ordered.

With more than 40,000 RTU, skylight, roof drain, frames installed throughout the US and Canada, from Miami Dade to L.A. Counties to the Aleutian Islands in Alaska, regardless of the building type or site location QuickFrames probably has a solution suited to your framing needs—all at surprisingly affordable prices.

QuickFrames Sales By Zip Code

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Gallery Of Example Projects

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